Japan-Korea Spintronics Workshop

Convention Hall (International Cooperation Building), KIST, Seoul, Korea

18th ~ 20th December, 2017

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  The 3rd Japan-Korea Spintronics workshop will take place in December 2017 in the International Cooperation Building, Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST), Seoul, Korea.
  The aim of the workshop is to promote effective and mutually beneficial interactions among participants with plenty of formal and informal discussion time.

  We acknowledge support the following institutions and projects:
    The Korean Magnetics Society, Korea
    Nano Spin Conversion Science, Japan
    Center for Spintronics Research Network (CSRN), Japan
    Magnetic Society of Japan, Japan
    National Research Council of Science & Technology (NST) grant (CAP-16-01-KIST), Korea


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18th ~ 20th Convention Hall (International Cooperation Building, KIST)
Tutorial Lecturers
  • SUZUKI Yoshishige (Osaka University)
  •  Introduction to the magnetism and spintronics
  • YANG Hyunsoo (National University of Singapore)
  •  THz dynamics in magnetic heterostructures
Invited Speakers

(Alphabetical order)
  • CHIBA Daichi (The University of Tokyo)
  •  Electric field effect on magnetism in Co/Pt and related systems
  • CHOE Sug-Bong (Seoul National University)
  •  Chiral Magnetic Phenomena Caused by Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya Interaction in Ferromagnetic Thin Films
  • CHOI Gyoung-Min (Sungkyunkwan University)
  •  Optical spin-orbit torque induced by longitudinal photo-spin current
  • FUKAMI Shunsuke (Tohoku University)
  •  Analog spin-orbit torque devices for artificial neural networks
  • HWANG Chan-Yong (KRISS)
  •  Role of filed-like torque in fast magnetization switching and its measurement by ST-FMR
  • KIM Dong-Hyun (Chungbuk National University)
  •  Ultrafast spin dynamics of Co/Pt multilayers
  • KIM Kab-Jin (KAIST)
  •  Fast domain wall motion induced by antiferromagnetic spin dynamics at the angular momentum compensation temperature of ferrimagnets
  • KIM Kyoung-Whan (University of Mainz)
  •  Chirality-dependent magnetization dynamics
  • KIMURA Takashi (Kyushu University)
  •  Modulation of spin current using ferromagnetic spin absorber
  • KOO Hyun-Cheol (KIST)
  •  Control of spin information in a quantum well channel
  • LEE Hyun-Woo (POSTECH)
  •  Orbital effects in spin-orbitronics
  • LEE Ouk-Jae (KIST)
  •  Stack engineering of spin-orbit torque efficiency in magnetic bilayers
  • MIZUGUCHI Masaki (Tohoku University)
  •  Spin caloritronics under the spin-orbit interaction
  • MURAKAMI Shuichi (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
  •  New variants of the Edelstein effect
  • NAKAMURA Kohji (Mie University)
  •  Data-driven analysis of magntocrystalline anisotropy, magnetic spin/orbital moments, and structural stability in transition-metal thin films on MgO(001)
  • NITTA Junsaku (Tohoku University)
  •  Spin geometric phase in Rashba spin-interferometer
  • OTANI Yoshichika (The University of Tokyo)
  •  Spin-charge interconversion at surfaces and interfaces
  • PARK Byong-Guk (KAIST)
  •  Transverse spin Nernst magnetoresistance induced by thermal spin current in ferromagnet/non-magnet bilayers
  • SEKIGUCHI Koji (Keio University)
  •  Fundamentals of spin-wave based logic functions
  • YUASA Hiromi (Kyushu University)
  •  Enhancement of spin mixing conductance and spin Hall angle in spin Seebeck effect
  • WOO Seonghoon (KIST)
  •  Topological manipulation of magnetic skyrmions

18th ~ 19th Convention Hall (International Cooperation Building, KIST)
18th :
16:10 ~ 18:00

19th :
09:00 ~ 17:50
Poster Session (Abstract book Download )
  • The maximum poster size is A0 portrait.
    (841 mm wide by 1189 mm high)


Dates 18th (Mon.) ~ 20th (Wed.) December, 2017
The session will start at 13:00, Dec. 18th
Venue Convention Halll, International Cooperation Building

5, Hwarang-ro 14-gil, Seongbuk-gu, Seoul, 02792, KOREA

Get off at Sangwolgok (KIST) Station (Subway line 6).
Exit the subway station through Exit 4.
Walk straight about 100 meters and turn left at the small street leading to KIST's north gate.

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Fee Korean participants only 100,000
Committee members LEE Kyung-Jin (Korea University)
ONO Teruo (Kyoto University)
YOU Chun-Yeol (DGIST)
MIN Byoung-Chul (KIST)

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